Report for Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Howdy! Here’s how it went today:

  • Sleep: I didn’t go to bed until 12:00. But I got about 8 hours of sleep.
  • Vitamins: Yes
  • Exercise: No, I didn’t. But. I did scrub like crazy in a very dirty shower for quite a while. I know that doesn’t count, but it’s more than nothing =).
  • Water: A gallon, plus.
  • Eating:
    • 9:00am: Scrambled eggs with apples, cinnamon, and agave. I was going to have toast with it. I even toasted a piece of bread. But I forgot to get it out and eat it.
    • 12:00pm: Peanut butter and honey sandwich, 1/2 red pepper with dressing.
    • 3:00pm: Oatmeal with honey and milk, carrots
    • 6:30pm: Chili, rice, chips, lettuce, dressing.
    • 9:40pm: Chili, rice, chips, lettuce, dressing. Again. I was hungry.
    • Extras: Semi-sweet chocolate chips, little taste of cookie butter–it’s pretty good, but what do you do with it? Little square of zucchini bread that my mother-in-law made out of green pumpkins. So really it’s green pumpkin bread, but that doesn’t have the same ring and the effect is more like zucchini bread than pumpkin bread. So if you’ve ever wondered, now you know.

As far as eating goes, missed a starch in the morning and a protein in the afternoon. But that’s okay. Need to shift things earlier so I’m not hungry in the evening. Did pretty well.

With sleep and exercise it wasn’t the best day ever. Here comes tomorrow!

Report for Monday, November 20, 2017

Reporting on my freshly reviewed and updated goals:

  • Sleep: Went back to bed at 11:15. Got about 7 hours of sleep.
  • Vitamins: Except fish oil.
  • Exercise: Body Project workout. 34 minutes. Got good and sweaty. Didn’t do OIP/Half Frogs
  • Water: Love water!!
  • Eating:
    • 10:00ish: Oats with peanut butter and honey and milk, one apple
    • 12:30: Scrambled eggs with red peppers and salsa in a tortilla, 1/2 sweet potato
    • 5:00: Air popped popcorn with oil and salt, 1/4 red pepper
    • 7:00: 2 biscuits with cheese, green beans
    • Extras: Semi-sweet chocolate chips, 3 rather healthy homemade gingerbread cookies with milk

Started eating a little late in the day. I think the old body is happier when more food is eaten early in the day.

I’d like to make some brown rice to keep in the fridge so I can have a whole grain option other than wheat and oats. I’d also like to cut up some lettuce to keep in the fridge so I can eat salad more easily.

Goal Review: November 20, 2017

I started about a week and a half ago with some pretty simple goals. I’ll go through each of them and assess whether that goal should stay, be changed, or be eliminated. And I’ll decide if I need to add any other goals. On the whole I’m happy with the changes I’m seeing.

  • Head to bed at 10:00:

I want a goal about sleep because it’s so central to health and well-being, and I’d like to sleep more. I want to keep a 10:00 bedtime, so I’ll keep reporting that, but I think I’ll also report about how many hours of sleep I got. Probably shooting for 7-9 hours.

  • Take vitamins:

This one’s simple. I’m thinking about adding a fiber drink to this, but I’m not really sure I want to get my digestive system dependent on it. I think I’ll hold off for now and maybe just have a fiber drink occasionally. So this goal will stay the same.

  • Exercise about 30 minutes 5 days a week.

Good goal. Maybe adjust to 5-6 days a week. Think I’ll try to add OIP/Half Frogs to my workouts–preferably before the workout.

  • Drink a gallon of water a day.

Keepin’ it.

  • Record what I’ve eaten each day.

It’s been going pretty well. I’ve noticed that just the act of recording what I eat and posting it here has changed how I eat. I was not eating fruits and vegetables much at all before and I was forgetting to eat in the morning and early day and then eating a bunch at night and in the afternoon. I was also wanting treats a lot because I’m not so hungry. I still eat sweets, but I’m not making no-bake cookies (or whatever) and feasting. That’s partly because I don’t want to have to report that, but also because I’m eating more nourishing food, more often, so I don’t have that vague feeling that I need something really yummy!! Before, that was how my hunger felt. I didn’t recognize it as hunger– I just knew I wanted a treat. Now I can tell I’m hungry and that I need real food. I will occasionally have that vague feeling and if I know I’m not really hungry I’ll much a few chocolate chips and drink some water and that’s satisfying.

I’ve noticed that as I’ve been reporting I’ve naturally adjusted my eating closer to what it was last spring when I was working with a friend to make health changes. She recommended eating 5-6 small meals a day. Her meal plan had a good balance of starch, protein, and produce, so that’s what I started aiming for. Now every time I eat I aim to have a starch (preferably whole grain), a protein, and a fruit or veggie helping.

I think I’ll keep recording what I eat and I’ll formalize my goal to have 4-5 small meals a day–I can’t seem to get more than 4 in right now! And I’ll formalize my effort to have protein, starch, and vegetation in each meal. These are things I’ve been doing since I started writing this blog, I’ll just acknowledge them more now.

Overall I’m happy with the progress I’m making and the changes I’m seeing in my body, so no big changes in goals just the little tweaks I mentioned. We’ll see how it goes!

Report for Saturday, November 18, 2017

Here to report:

  • Sleep: Went off to bed at 11:45 last night. Friday night’s date night.
  • Vitamins: Yes (except fish oil)
  • Exercise: Nope. Totally forgot. Knew I’d regret not exercising Thursday, except I thought it’d be because I had to fit it into a busy day. Sigh.
  • Water: Yessiree
  • Eating record:
    • 8:30: Oatmeal with peanut butter, honey and cinnamon; banana
    • 1:00: Sandwich with whole wheat bread, mayo, tomatoes, and cheese
    • 3:00: Carrots and ranch dressing
    • 6:30: Homemade Breadsticks (part wheat and part white flour) spaghetti sauce, banana
    • Extras: Chocolate chips, ice cream at birthday party

Not enough eating. I need to figure out what to eat when I’m going to be gone when the next little meal should happen. I don’t buy snack food, so that makes it harder. Maybe I can just eat a little before I leave to tide me over. I’ll have to see.


Report for Friday, November 17, 2017

Here to report =).

  • Sleep: Back to bed at 11:00. No excuse. Just too beat and tired to go to bed.
  • Vitamins: Yes (except fish oil)
  • Exercise: Oxycise Level 2 workout-about 17 minutes. Taking it easy.
  • Water: I think I drank a gallon or close to it. Someone may have dumped out some of the water from the bottle I was drinking from, and I didn’t drink extra today so I’m not sure.
  • Eating record:
    • 8:15 Leftover whole wheat homemade pancake with delicious honey from a generous friend who keeps bees, peaches canned in natural juices
    • 11:00: String cheese
    • 1:00: Scrambled eggs with brown sugar and soy sauce (ie simple teryaki sauce) and pineapple, (This was an experiment but turned out yummy! I’m excited to have a new way to prepare scrambled eggs. ) 5 wheat thins
    • 7:00: Cheese and tortilla. (I made this in a rush to eat on the way to the store at about 5:00 because I was hungry but I left without taking it out of the microwave =(. So when I got home at 7:00 I gobbled it!)
    • 7:30: Lots of broccoli and 2 pieces of pizza
    • Extras: 2 pieces of gum since the chocolate chips were gone, a few chocolate chips when I got home from the store–just to reassure myself that they were there =), a donut (And I actually really enjoyed it even though I don’t usually love donuts. It had this yummy coconut stuff in the middle with nuts, I think. Kind of like german chocolate cake frosting. It was really good.)

Still feeling sick, but I’m back up and running because you can only act sick for so long. Unfortunately.


Report for Thursday, November 16, 2017

I’m sick guys. But here’s how it went:

  • Sleep: I don’t know what time I went to bed last night. I was sick and I just crawled into bed and fell asleep. It was fairly early. And I was up bright and early.
  • Vitamins: Yup
  • Water: So much more than a gallon. I can’t believe how much water I drink without even trying! I was done with my gallon by the time my kids got home from school. And then one of my sweet little people brought me a tray (the lid of the mega blocks box) with a drink of water and a plate with a piece of bread on it and said, “I’m sorry you’re sick, Mommy.” And then she brought her teapot over full of water and she kept me stocked with water the rest of the afternoon. Nice moments.
  • Exercise: I didn’t. I’ll regret it come Saturday, but there you go.
  • Eating: I did.
    • 7:20– Bran muffin, applesauce, peanut butter
    • Cheese on spanish rice, butternut squash
    • Scrambled eggs, half a sweet potato
    • Two pancakes, applesauce, other half of a sweet potato
    • Extras: small bowl of ice cream that wasn’t nearly as yummy as I needed it to be, a few chocolate chips, and something else because I remember thinking, “This is too sweet! I just can’t enjoy stuff that’s too sweet anymore.” But maybe that was yesterday?

Our larder is running way low. I should have gone grocery shopping today, but I didn’t do much of anything I should have done today. Tomorrow will be sparse. No fruit. No veggies. No peanut butter. No chocolate chips!!!!!